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Jinseg is a fire ritual practice where fire element transformed into the mundane Agni Deva and wisdom Agni Deva. Varieties of offering substances are transformed into immense cloud of offering as emanated by the bodhisattva Samantabhadra and are burnt. 


Basically, the whole purpose of performing Jinseg the fire ritual is firstly, to amendment omissions and duplications in the practice. Secondly, to accomplish the enlightened activities of pacifying, enriching, magnetising, and wrathful for the swifter attainment of common and subprime Siddhis. 


1. Pacifying Jinseg based on the Peaceful Diety Sadhana.  The wisdom Agnideva is Buddha Vairochana and the mundane Agnideva is Rishi. Both these Devas play important roles in accomplishing all four activists on both mundane and supper mundane level. Specially, plays vital roles in healing sicknesses, also removes all negative energies and purifies karmic obscurations. 


2. Enriching Jinseg Sadhana The Wisdom Agni Deva here is Buddha Vajra Heruka and Mundane Agnideva is Rishi. The role of the both Devas helps accomplish all four activities on both mundane and super mundane level. Particularly, plays effective role in increasing all the goodnesses such as longevity, merits, prosperity, growth of wealth and power, enhances wisdom and enlightened qualities.


3. Megnitizing Jinseg based on the Sadhana of Mahadeva. The Wisdom Agnideva here is Avalokiteśvara manifest as mahadeva and the Mundane Agnideva is Rishi.  It accomplishes all four activities on mundane and supper mundane level. Mainly, powerful in binding any classes of beings including Devas, Nagas and Rakshas etc under ones control. All desirable quality exquisite things such as teachings, pursuits, pleasures and realization, liberation are magnetized. 


4. Warthful Jinseg of Wrathful deity Sadhana. The wisdom Agni Deva is wrathful Deity of Illusory Net and the Mundane Agnideva is Rishi.  This accomplishes all for other activities both on mundane and supper mundane level. Specially, Effective in eliminating and liberating Mara enemies in any forms causing harms to weak being of oneself personally and others beings in general as well as the Dharma path.


New Year ceremony fire puja will be start at 1:00pm 4th January 2020 in Yeshe Longdhe Buddhist center. Hungtram Khen Rinpoche will lead us to perform the puja, welcome all of you attend the ceremony, also feel free to bring your own substances based on the tradition like: oil, sesame seed, cheese, milk, butter, honey, sugar, various of cereal, medicine herbs without poison etc. May all good fortune, prosperity, happiness and peace advent! 


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